Happy Family in Car

My experience with a SPIN-zone car was so awesome! It was great and VERY helpful I?m a single mom with three kids and the vehicle that they provided me with helped me get to work, day care, and just little things like grocery store shopping and stuff like that. Thank you so much SPIN-zone.


In these times, a person looks for a little hope, something to make it all worth while. You have no idea how much you helped us out. We have been stuck in town, we couldn?t go anywhere, we couldn’t visit family or anything. Just when everything looked so dark and gray, you placed a big piece of sunshine on our porch! You are a true gentleman. We wish there were more out there, but one is all we needed!

Thank You and God Bless.


We can’t thank you enough for the use of one of your vans to transport the mothers of the bride and groom to the 50th wedding anniversary party. Because of your service we were able to bring both Mother’s to this blessed occasion. My brother-in-law’s mom has not been out of the nursing home since she became a resident there several years ago. The wheel chair lift in the vehicle that you provided made this otherwise difficult feat possible. We highly recommend your service to anyone in need of accessible transportation.

J. & M. M.

We cannot express to you what a miracle it was to have the use of your van. With my husband’s fracture of the leg bones, we could not have gotten him to the cities and back. We are truly blessed to have known of SPIN-zone and the services you provide.”

God Bless You.

L. & T. F

Thank you for graciously allowing me the use of your van to transport my parents. It was greatly appreciated for it made their day a little easier during their time of loss. Your ministry is an important asset to our community and I sincerely wish SPIN-zone continued success in all you do.


I just wanted to say thank you for being a blessing to me and my children in our time of need. The use of a vehicle is a huge help! I really appreciate what you do and am grateful for your services. I am really thankful for this blessing. It means a great deal to me.